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My Application Example Empty My Application Example

Post by pHiL on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:55 am

Name or Nickname or Both: Phil
Age: 14
PSN: PiN0yMaFiA25
Prestige and Level: 10th Prestige Level 70
KDR(Kill Death Ratio): 1.24
Killstreak: 31
Favorite Game Mode(s): Domination when I want a nuke or nukes, Search and Destroy any other time, Team Tactical when there's only four people in the party
Favorite Gun(s): Intervention, M4A1, UMP45
Playing Style: Depends on the map and my mood

Have you been in a clan before? Yes
If so what role did you play in it? I was an IO or an Initiation Officer

Do you agree with the clan's rules and guidelines? I made them lol
How active can you be on the site and on PSN? I helped found it so very active and as for PSN it feels like i'm always on it
What do you think you can bring to the clan? Good leadership and I can help people get better by playing with them and teaching them things
How did you hear about us? I made the clan lol

Do you have any type of messengers? Yes
If so what are they? MSN: Skype: isleeptoolate(I prefer Skype over MSN so..)

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